Crazy Stompers     – Höstterminen 2017 A = Alliansdans
Datum månd Forts 1 – 18-19   Nyb   – 19-19.45   Forts 2 –   19.45-21.15  
  Dans Koreograf Dans Koreograf Dans Koreograf
4 sept REP fg                Cabo San Lucas

Baby Vegas

Easy nights

Rep Ghazali    

Glynn “Applejack” Rodgers  

Rob Fowler


Feeling kinda lonely


Margaret Swift

REP fg              Dance on Sunday – A

The Violin

Vegas Baby


A country high – A


Ole Jacobsen  

Kate Sala 

Rachael McEnaney/Shane McKeever/Niels Poulsen 

Norman Gifford

11 sept  REP fg               Until the dawn

Little red book

                           Gary Lafferty

Dee Musk

 Gin & tonic Kate Sala /Robbie McGowan Hickie REP fg        Angeleno

So just dance dance dance


With these Eyes

 Yvonne Anderson

José Miguel Belloqe Vane/Guillaume Richard

Darren Bailey/Niels Poulsen

18 sept  Lipstick, powder & paint

Gin & tonic

 Steven & Claire Rutter

Kate Sala/Robbie McGowan Hickie

 REP  Suite 16


One track mind

 Karl-Harry Winson

Ed Lawton/ Jonathan Montgomery

25 sept  The long way home – A  Marie Sørensen  Little red book  Dee Musk  Blessed  Jackie Miranda
2 okt  My lonely drum  Kristina Åkerman/           Eva Andersson  /  Jane Nilsson  Little red book, forts  Wandering hearts – A  Maggie Gallagher/ Gary O’Reilly
9 okt REP   REP

Lindi shuffle


Jane Smee


Stuck in my head

Lonely drum – A

 Saku Tonteri/Shane McKeever

Darren Mitchell

16 okt Gemsamhetsdans   Gemsamhetsdans   Gemsamhetsdans  
23 okt  A complete change  Niels Poulsen  Pure and simple  Marie Sørensen Dig your heels


 Maddison Glover

Rob Fowler

30 okt  Buy me a drink – A  Maggie Gallagher  Easy rumba  Angels H Guix REP

Cabo San Lucas


Rep Ghazali

6 nov  REP    REP   The one you’re waiting on


 Maddison Glover


13 nov  Katchi  Rob Fowler  REP +



Rob Fowler


You complete me

 Rob Fowler

Karl-Harry Winson

20 nov  Easy rumba  Angels H Guix  Lipstick, powder & paint  Steve & Claire Rutter  Teenage Dreams  Rob Fowler
27 nov REP   REP   REP  
4 dec AVSLUTNING Vattentorget   AVSLUTNING Vattentorget   AVSLUTNING Vattentorget  





Danser under vårterminen 2017
A =   Alliansdans
Månd Dans Koreograf Dans Koreograf
23 jan Prova på +   Rep

At the disco

Honey I’m good AB

Mamma Maria


Sandy Kerrigan

Suzi Beck

Frank Trace



Rock and roll music – A

Your heaven


Vegas Baby!


Yvonne Anderson

Rachael McEnaney-White

Niels Poulsen


Rachael McEnaney-White/Shane McKeever/Niels Poulsen

30 jan Feeling kinda lonely

Until the dawn

Lipstick, powder & paint

Irish stew

Hello Dolly

Little red book

Margaret Swift

Gary Lafferty

Stephen & Claire Rutter

Lois Lightfoot

Lorriane Kurtela

Dee Musk


Rep/Corn don’t grow

Astrid Kaeswurm

Tine Argyle

6 febr Rep fr de 2 första ggr +

Love like Before

Primo Waltz


Micaela Svensson Erlandsson

Kathy Chang/Sue Hsu

Dancing on Sunday

Rep/Life of the party

Ole Jacobson

Maddison Glover

13 febr Blue note + mer rep Jan Smith So just dance dance dance


One track mind

José Miguel Belloqe Vane/ Guillaume Richard

Ed Lawton/Jonathan Montgomery

20 feb REP   REP   
27 febr ÅRSMÖTE 18-19 Gemensam danskväll 19-21   ÅRSMÖTE 18-19 Gemensam danskväll 19-21  
6 mars Baby Vegas Glynn “Applejack” Rodgers Sinatra & Chardonnay – A

Right where I want you

Alison Biggs/Peter Metelnick

Gaye Teather

13 mars Cabo San Lucas Rep Ghazali The Violin Kate Sala
20 mars INGEN DANS

Uppbokat av Östregårdsskolan


Uppbokat av Östregårdsskolan

27 mars REP   REP  
3 april  Easy nights

Elvis Shuffle

 Rob Fowler

Pat Stott

 Stuck in my head  Saku Tonteri/Shane McKeever
10 april  REP    With these eyes  Darren Bailey/Niels Poulsen
17 april PÅSKLOV –   Ingen dans   PÅSKLOV –   Ingen dans  
24 april  I got a woman  Michael Desire Nieto  A country high  Norman Gifford
1 maj MAJLOV –   Ingen dans   MAJLOV   – Ingen dans  
8 maj REP   REP  
15 maj AVSLUTNING IOGT/NTO Vattentorget   AVSLUTNING IOGT/NTO Vattentorget