Danser under höstterminen 2014
A  =   Alliansdans
Månd Dans Koreograf Dans Koreograf
1 sept Feeling kinda lonely Margaret Swift Just a little love   –   A
Rep fg termin:
You complete me
A little bit gypsy
Maggie GallagherKarl Harry Winson
Neville Fitzgerald/Julie Harris
8 sept Mamma Maria Frank Trace Pavement ends  –  A
(Beskr fås vid kurstillfälle)
Gudrun Schneider
15 sept REP
Lindi shuffle
Jane Smee Angel of the night Lorna Mursell
22 sept Bubblegum Cowboy  –  A Cassey Rowe Walk with me  –  A Rob Fowler
29 sept REP   Raggle Taggle Gypsy O – A Maggie Gallagher 
6 okt All about a woman – A Maggie Gallagher People are crazy Gaye Teather
13 okt First cha  Maria Lippe Jig it up Maggie Gallagher
20 okt REP   REP  
IOGT/NTO Vattentorget

Ulla Engström
IOGT/NTO Vattentorget

Ulla Engström
3 nov Easy fun Maria Grafford The Blarney Roses Maggi Gallagher
10 nov REP   Romance
Pim Humphrey
17 nov  Rockin’  Anita McNab  REP mm  
24 nov  REP    REP  
IOGT/NTO Vattentorget
IOGT/NTO Vattentorget




Danser under vårterminen 2014
Månd Dans Koreograf
27 jan Rep fg termin:
You ain’t alone
Chattahoochee II

Mary Kelly
Gaye Teather
Gail Smith
Not known
3 febr Chango
Forever and ever
Rep fg termin: Little red book
Mikaela Svensson Erlandsson
Benny Ray
Dee Musk
10 febr A little bit gypsy
+ rep fg vecka
Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
17 febr You complete me
+ rep
Karl-Harry Winson
24 febr ÅRSMÖTE m gem. dans  18.30-21
IOGT/NTO Vattentorget
3 mars Dream Lover
Extra:  The Fox Linedance
+ rep
Daniel Whittaker
Darren Bailey, Kelli Haugen m fl
10 mars Down to the islands
+ rep
Jennifer Hughes
17 mars I’m no good
Extra:  Shattered dreams
+ rep
Rachel McEnaney
Karl-Harry Winson
24 mars Mona Lisa Daniel Whittaker 
31 mars This is me Yvonne Andersson
7 april REPETITION  
14 april Gemensamhetsdans 18.30-21
IOGT/NTO  Vattentorget
21 april PÅSKLOV  
28 april Just a little love Maggie Gallagher
5 maj AVSLUTNING 18.30-21
IOGT/NTO Vattentorget