Danser 2011

Danser under vårterminen 2011  
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Mamma Maria Hello Dolly Catch all the fish
Texas barefootin’ Picnic polka (rep fg termin) Walking away (rep fg termin)
Country walking Sugar & pai Salsamia
First cha Homeward bound Missing link
Blue night cha Hideaway cha                        WS You’re amazing
Saturday night Doing our thing                  (Micke) Burlesque
Hello Dolly Think I’m falling – extra     (Micke) Wonderland waltz
Tennessee waltz surprise I love beer  
Funk shui Rock therapy  
  Everybody’s here  
  The sailor’s hornpipe – extra


Danser under höstterminen 2011  
Nivå 1 Nivå 2 Nivå 3
My pretty Belinda Perfect day Make this day
Irish stew Somewhere else Let it be
Something in the water 1-2-3-4  (ws fr jub) Disappearing bubbles
Islands in the stream Unmistakeable Alabama slammin’
Make it up Chill factor Jazz it up
Country as can be Little tin soldier Wonderland waltz (rep fr vt-11)
Baby Amame Telepathy  
Rep inför jub: Rep inför jub: Rep inför jub:
Hello Dolly Hello Dolly Walking away
Country walkin’ Picnic polka Catch all the fish
Tennessee waltz surprise Irish stew It’s up to you
Blue night cha Rosegarden Where we´ve been
First cha It’s just that way Burlesque
First waltz Tush push Be strong
Chica boom boom Right where I want you Rain against my window
  Sugar & pai  
  Every cotton pickin’ morning  
  I love beer  
  Hideaway cha