Danser 2006

Danser under höstterminen 2006  
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Clap your hands Sugar & pai Bosa Nova
Beginner bop Blue California Heartbreaker
All over again Kill the spiders Shake it down
Friday night in America Brand new girlfriend All day long
Pop da booty Mama take me home It’s up to you
Waltz tonight Rio The reel thing
Sweet sweet smile Rama lama ding dong Celtic kittens
The lilt 9 to 5 Keep on dancing


Danser under vårterminen 2006  
Nivå 1 Nivå 2 Nivå 3
Lindi shuffle Cotton pickin’ morning Sugar & pai
Flobie slide Key lime pie I can’t be bothered
Never & forever Speak to the sky Jackson
Clap your hands Feel like a fool Knock yourself out
Country walkin’ Miller magic Cadillac baby
Sweet sweet smile Sun up Gordita Linda
Let your love flow Be strong Kill the spiders
Rockin’ When in love Love bug
    Islands in the stream