Danser 2008

Danser under höstterminen 2008  
Nivå 1 Nivå 2 Nivå 3
Summerwind stomp Just a minute Knock it off
Feeling kinda lonely Cry to me Splish Splash
Let’s swing Dirty chacha Gotta hitch
Peaches and cream Got to be funky Saddle up shawty
Live laugh love Don’t care Electric dreams
A little closer to comfort Dance like you’re the only one Right where I want you
DHSS Respect                               Marie Never a thought                  Marie
Summerfly                       Marie Come back my love           Marie Written in the wind
It’s a country thing My Veronica 10 years of my life
Little red book Scrap it Where we’ve been
  Chattahoochee II Settle down
  Heave away Never been there before
  K-9 Doctor Doctor
  Walk with me  
Danser under vårterminen 2008    
Grund Nivå 1 Nivå 2 Nivå 3
First stomp Precious time Magic moon Go greased lightning
Precious time Just 4 fun Stupidville Cherry poppin’
Country walking Magic moon Creepin’ up Touch me like that
Burnin’ Never & forever Isle of praradise Get your feet down
Cowboy charleston Stupidville Zjozzy’s funk Wanna know why
Lindi shuffle Zjozzy’s funk Tequila Better off alone
Ace of diamonds Ace of diamonds Beauty and the beat Sunday morning girl
Cha cha one Mini Mariana Work in progress Mr President
    Baby com’on More than a memory
    White rose Snap, crackle & pop
    Low key