Danser 2007

Danser höstterminen 2007
Grund Nivå 1 Nivå 2 Nivå 3
First stomp Easy fun Hey boy Oul-rig-a-doo
Cowboy charleston Cut a rug Ballymore boys Ballymore boys
Lindi shuffle First cha Lightning polka Mariana mambo
Burnin´ Mini mariana Willie Here & now
Tight fitting jeans Quick kick No tricks Rock this party
Country walking Bobbie Sue Let’s get drunk Pina côladas
Just 4 fun Just 4 fun Country girl A funky thank you
Cha cha one Come dance with me Hearts & flowers Heartbreak sea
Jailhouse creole Lover boy Nimby
In the jungle No place to go


Danser vårterminen 2007
Nivå 1 Nivå 2 Nivå 3
First stomp Before the devil Keep on dancing
Honky tonk stomp Faster car Twist of love
Alfie Romance Rubitin
Fun push Cut a rug Faster car
First waltz Billy’s twist Westlife rose
Run it Atomik polka Bread on the table
The lilt J’ai du boogie Pot of gold
Coastline cha The worrying kind The worrying kind
Wishful thinking Cara mia Holding back he ocean
Mambo humana Boo boo’s bounce
One more midnight